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Published 29th June 2015

Not so long ago, fifteen years, even in Cowes ones heart would leap at the incredibly rare sight of a well maintained varnished mast in the harbour, causing one to nip down to the marina to see who was passing through fleetingly on passage to distant parts.

What an impact our club and our annual regatta has had on this scene. Last Thursday evening I shifted INFANTA off the public pontoon berth to make way for the Round the Island hoards to moor up six deep to await their annual cavalcade. Moored across the harbour from INFANTA, the immaculate 8M ATHENA and across the pontoon from her, the powerful steel hull of ATLANTISawaits patiently for July. And there, in East Cowes marina another 8M OSBORNE, a William Fife from the 1930’s, built for the British royal family and just bought in Spain to be returned to the UK – and to join BCYC.

Behind me now the elegant mast of FOGLIO, and to port the un-mistakable stick of WHOOPER in Sheperds Wharf, joined by the powerful and equally un-mistakable rig of STORMY WEATHERlooking stunning. If all this was not enough, I casually motored past the two amazing schooners,CORAL of COWES and ELENORA.

So even three weeks before the BCYC Regatta, the charisma of the harbour is elevating and the expectation is growing for what is to be a truly remarkable regatta.

Mr Hall has caused INFANTA to look particularly good this year and she has already participated in the Royal Yacht Squadron club Regatta. At one of the drinks parties, I was able to speak the Squadron Flag Officer liaising with Sean McMillan over the two regattas, and took the opportunity to thank him for the Squadron invitation extended to any yacht participating at BCYC to then enter the Squadron Bicentennial Regatta the following week. This is an incredible accolade for our Member Yachts and our Club. He replied that there are three great things about the BCYC:

Firstly, seeing the fleet of yachts reminds him of yacht racing when he was a young man.

Secondly, by and large, the owners are very nice people.

Thirdly, they know how to sail their yachts.

Driving on to the quay to catch a ferry at Yarmouth the other day, my heart leapt at the incredibly rare sight of a well maintained varnished mast in the harbour!! With a few minutes to spare, I went down to the pontoon and met the new owner of LUTINE, seconded his BCYC Membership application, and gave a few tips on getting her IRC up to date. So this British Yachting Icon will once again line up with our fleet in July! Where are SCEPTRE, BLOODHOUND and DRUMBEAT I wonder?